Guitar and bass player since his adolescence, born in 1980, Fab3r approaches djing at the age of 15 and soon he distinguishes himself by his versatile, exclusive and never ordinary dj sets, based on funk and disco, but also “contaminated” by the so many musical genres present in his wide vinyl collection. His artistic accolade occurs in Milan underground club area, where he becomes a resident dj of the Funky Dip (Biko) and Trueschool (San Vittore Lounge), as well as a guest of numerous events tied to funk, soul and street culture. Since 2006 he is selected to take part in the major contest and national events for scratch djs and in 2010, after being embarked on music production, he wins the Italian title IDA (International Dj Association) Show Category, producing an original live set which then he re-proposes in Cracow (Poland), where he represents his nation at the IDA World Finals. Perennially in search of new sonority, now he is engaged in studio for producing his first solo album.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Funkify Trailer

Video trailer for Funkify, last Fab3R's mixtape available as free download on​fab3r. Enjoy!!

Scratches: Fab3R
Visual: video-DaDa

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